SIMPLEX V60 : 146.550 My Calling Channel (Echolink, CW, SSTV, Digital Master)

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This what we called a "Ham Radio"...

A radio communications service for the purpose of self-training, intercommunication, and technical investigations carried out by amateurs, that is, duly authorized persons interested in radio technique solely with a personal aim and without pecuniary interest.

Ham radio is an international fraternity that transcends the barriers of nationality, race, age, sex, and class. Whenever you take to the air as a ham, you never know who you might find to talk to. It might be an old friend you've known for years; it might be a new friend you haven't met before. Why not join the millions around the world who already have their ham license? They would all like to say hello to you!

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2008

Here some of my picture taken on November 16th 2008, During my volunteer duty on the Penang Bridge International Marathon as a communication service for the first aider and ambulance providers, from 01:00 hrs till 10:00 hrs local time.

1. First time ever there's NO vehicle on the Longest (Penang Bridge) :P

2. Jon 9W2ACY looks like a sleepy sour face :P

3. Brother Albert 9W2RAY with his Super Car come with a BED inside :P

4. This is our station setup at 20ft height antenna.

5. Our station centre.

6. Checkin with Base control for signal report.

7. Brake time QSO with other station.