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A radio communications service for the purpose of self-training, intercommunication, and technical investigations carried out by amateurs, that is, duly authorized persons interested in radio technique solely with a personal aim and without pecuniary interest.

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Penang ARDF Event, May 2nd, 2009 Fox Hunt

Hi Fellow Hunters,

This is the Bulletin1 for the Penang ARDF Event to br held on May 2nd, 2009.

Date and Time:
May 2nd, 2009 (Saturday); 8:00am.
Estimate to last about 3 hours.
Registration closes at 8:30am.

Botanical Gardens, Penang
and MPPP Park (Youth Park) Area.

Starting Point:
Taman Rekreasi Kuari.

( GPS Location: N5 26 14.7 E100 17 21.5 )
The former quarry site besides
the jeep track going up Penang Hill.

For more details, please visit MyARDF website

Or can call me on V60 @ 146.550

See you at the hunt!

V60 Ham Community Penang...

After a few session of eyeball, a few HAM radio enthusiast decided to put a blog n forum for HAM radio n other activities related to ham radio or non-ham radio such as outdoor activities, movie or anything that come across in their mind as long that is a healthy. These HAM Radio operator can always be heard over the 146.550mhz ham allocated frequencies. they call themselves as V60 Community. They are not a club but just a group of ham that hang out together with the same interests. All HAM are welcome to join them, just drop by at their usual hang out at JJ Cafe @ Jeti Jerjak. Do visit their webblog n Forum at :

V60 Community Blog

V60 Community Forum

This post taken from 9W2ACY blogspot....

Wanted: Volunteers for May 2nd ARDF Event [Penang]

We are looking for volunteers for the coming Penang ARDF event.

1. Fox team.
Responsible for the individual fox beacons to located in the fox dens which will confuse the hunters. They will directly report to the chief fox marshal. The success of your job is how and where you hide the beacon, such that the hunters will be barking up the wrong tree, resulting that they waste a lot of time to locate your beacon.
As the saying goes, “So near and yet so far”.

2. Start / End Marshals and helpers.
Will coordinate the way the hunters are released into the hunting ground and record the hunters when they reach the “Finish” line. Time Keepers. Field Photographers. Arrange transport of the competitors and fox team to the locations, and general matters.

3. F&B Manager.
Responsible to arrange refreshments for the hunters when they reach the “Finish” line.
Assist to coordinate the Fellowship Dinner and prize giving.

4. First Aid Field Station.
Set up and provide any first aid assistance to the competitors for cuts, bruises, stings etc.

Those who are interested to volunteer their assistance,
please contact via email or sms to KC - 9M2LC, specifying which of the jobs
you wish to volunteer in and email to

Name: KC Lim Callsign: 9M2LC
Contact: 012-4670302 Email:
Volunteer for: Fox team, Start/End Marshal

Cut-off date: April 12th 2009 or earlier if all the places are filled up.

More info log on to