SIMPLEX V60 : 146.550 My Calling Channel (Echolink, CW, SSTV, Digital Master)

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This what we called a "Ham Radio"...

A radio communications service for the purpose of self-training, intercommunication, and technical investigations carried out by amateurs, that is, duly authorized persons interested in radio technique solely with a personal aim and without pecuniary interest.

Ham radio is an international fraternity that transcends the barriers of nationality, race, age, sex, and class. Whenever you take to the air as a ham, you never know who you might find to talk to. It might be an old friend you've known for years; it might be a new friend you haven't met before. Why not join the millions around the world who already have their ham license? They would all like to say hello to you!

My dream HT...Yeasu VX-8R

Well guys at last my dreams came truth, Its Yeasu VX-8R all the while I've been dream to own it finally mine. Although this model just only a year in Malaysia market I think I'm not to late to owned it. I received this HT yesterday and I try to master the function but it seem like this little tiny HT with a big function..! The manual shown about 168 pages will make my head goes round :P. But I've tried to set it with help by the manual book. Hmmm looks like I already feel the touch..all function is on the dial knob only, just twist it walla!! As for now crazy to buy the GPS unit for fully utilize this HT. Need to survey the market price for this GPS unit because not many people using the HT with GPS unit. So I think this VX-8R is the final HT I'm gonna owned..NO MORE HT FOR ME..! unless...Hmmmm :P

My new toy...CB radio Midland 40 channel

Sorry it's been late post for this article, supposedly it posted before I posted up my yagi antenna..but how cares? as long that I can share it with you all lets start with the story.

The Midland 1001Z two-way, 40-channel CB radio represents the state of the art in CB engineering. Incorporating microprocessor controlled PLL circuitry for precise tuning, it boasts 4 Watts of power, an emergency channel, digital power signal strength meter, squelch control, external speaker and PA speaker jacks, and plenty more. Installation is a breeze in most cars, trucks and RVs. Perfect for novices and long-time CB users alike.

1001Z Features

4 Watt Output Power
The maximum power allowed to give you the maximum communication range.

CB/pa switch
Allows the CB to be used as a Public Address System when paired with a PA speaker.

Instant Channel 9
Immediate access to emergency - channel 9.

RF Gain
Adjusts reception sensitivity range for clear communication.

Front panel locking mic connector
Easy to connect microphone locks securely to CB.

Digital Power meter
Displays incoming signal strength and RF output power.

Squelch control
Removes background noise.

LED Display
Large high-intensity channel readout. Easy to read day or night.

On/OFF/Volume knob, Squelch knob, RF Gain knob, Tuning knob, CB/PA switch, Instant Channel 9 switch

Jacks and connectors
4 pin locking mic connector, antenna connector, external speaker connector, PA speaker connector and DC power cord connector.

So at the moment there's no activities as I monitor all the channel...not so sure lah because I'm using a long wire gonna built one CB antenna soon. Maybe incoming audio will come out after that...hahahah

4 element yagi beam (portable/fix)

Hi guys I'm back again..this time during my free time homebrew 4 element yagi with gamma match. Its been quite a long time I never hold my tool box but recently my hand so itchy ..hahahah. So come out with this homebrew thingy again..!!! For this antenna I've spend around less than rm50 I guess..! and it takes about 2 days only guys...WTF? cut the crap and let me start with the journey of this antenna....

This are the main stuff I used for the yagi....

My work station, house main dining table...hahaha, cutting the element & fix into a boom.

80% almost ready...dr1, 2 & driven ele with gamma match done..!

A few cable clips attached at the boom...

Walla DONE...standing like a handsome guy...hahaha..

this is the gamma match stub that you can adjust your SWR according to frequency you wanna TX...

The moment that I've been waiting suspen wor!!..(SWR Checking) But....
surprisely all tested under 1.5..yeahh!
144 = 1.1
145 = 1.1
146 = 1.25
147 = 1.3

Yahoo it's all done for now...very happy lor...but abit pening lalat coz tested inside the house dude...hahahah

This antenna ready to launch anytime during DXpedition, RACEs, as a event station, base fix preferred at the roof top.
Coming soon maybe another antenna project again, but this time its gonna be a BIG one....stay tune guys..Thanks 73.

Malaysian Nation Wide Light House Weekend 2009 (MLHW 09)

Hi guys I'm back again with amateur radio program, even now days I'm so busy with my business but I need a break with my hobby.
This event is not a contest, there are no prizes or any other enticements to participate and is therefore free of charge. And also promote public awareness of ham radio and lighthouses in Malaysia. To gain experience for DX-peditions for the Ham Radio operators and to promote “exotic” Malaysia among International DXCC chasers or seekers.
Here are some picture taken by Jon 9w2acy on that event..

Fort Cornwallis Penang, Malaysia.

The DX lighthouse Shack

Its not easy as you think to DXing....:P

But who cares..I'm already took part on this event..haha

Thanks to those parties who organised that event, and also contact perdana to new station I met up on that night...Tok penghulu 9w2art thanks u for droping by on that night also...Thanks guys..

Penang ARDF Event, May 2nd, 2009 Fox Hunt

Hi Fellow Hunters,

This is the Bulletin1 for the Penang ARDF Event to br held on May 2nd, 2009.

Date and Time:
May 2nd, 2009 (Saturday); 8:00am.
Estimate to last about 3 hours.
Registration closes at 8:30am.

Botanical Gardens, Penang
and MPPP Park (Youth Park) Area.

Starting Point:
Taman Rekreasi Kuari.

( GPS Location: N5 26 14.7 E100 17 21.5 )
The former quarry site besides
the jeep track going up Penang Hill.

For more details, please visit MyARDF website

Or can call me on V60 @ 146.550

See you at the hunt!

V60 Ham Community Penang...

After a few session of eyeball, a few HAM radio enthusiast decided to put a blog n forum for HAM radio n other activities related to ham radio or non-ham radio such as outdoor activities, movie or anything that come across in their mind as long that is a healthy. These HAM Radio operator can always be heard over the 146.550mhz ham allocated frequencies. they call themselves as V60 Community. They are not a club but just a group of ham that hang out together with the same interests. All HAM are welcome to join them, just drop by at their usual hang out at JJ Cafe @ Jeti Jerjak. Do visit their webblog n Forum at :

V60 Community Blog

V60 Community Forum

This post taken from 9W2ACY blogspot....

Wanted: Volunteers for May 2nd ARDF Event [Penang]

We are looking for volunteers for the coming Penang ARDF event.

1. Fox team.
Responsible for the individual fox beacons to located in the fox dens which will confuse the hunters. They will directly report to the chief fox marshal. The success of your job is how and where you hide the beacon, such that the hunters will be barking up the wrong tree, resulting that they waste a lot of time to locate your beacon.
As the saying goes, “So near and yet so far”.

2. Start / End Marshals and helpers.
Will coordinate the way the hunters are released into the hunting ground and record the hunters when they reach the “Finish” line. Time Keepers. Field Photographers. Arrange transport of the competitors and fox team to the locations, and general matters.

3. F&B Manager.
Responsible to arrange refreshments for the hunters when they reach the “Finish” line.
Assist to coordinate the Fellowship Dinner and prize giving.

4. First Aid Field Station.
Set up and provide any first aid assistance to the competitors for cuts, bruises, stings etc.

Those who are interested to volunteer their assistance,
please contact via email or sms to KC - 9M2LC, specifying which of the jobs
you wish to volunteer in and email to

Name: KC Lim Callsign: 9M2LC
Contact: 012-4670302 Email:
Volunteer for: Fox team, Start/End Marshal

Cut-off date: April 12th 2009 or earlier if all the places are filled up.

More info log on to

ARDF Training Fox Hunt - Penang (Coverage)

Hi guys it's time for me to tell a bit the story after we had finished our training last Sunday. About 10 stations were in that training ground, 2 of them of coz become a foxes. So enjoy pictures...

Time start : 09.45hr
Time end : 10.30hr
No. FOX : 2

Before kicked off flag to hunt, from left

After 10min flag off Me,9w2zwz & 9w2ray.....start to smell something!!

Seem like this 2 faller also smell something too or they makan angin to look YL :P

Not so fast guys 15min from started, I already found fox #1..hahahah, the fox very smart, it's inside the paper bag! Bye Bye Uncle Lim, I'd already found it..:P

Wah this last fox is very tricky one...nice job 9w2CLT where you hide it? deep inside the jungle.
But peace of cake lah...:

Wala!! see I told u guys peace of cake!! hahaha...10min after found fox #1...found this fox #2.

Fuyoo this team really wanna kill the fox #2 (find & QRT the fox)

Finally all the foxes QRT, its time to chill out.....Peace out guys.

Thanks to all station on that day, Uncle Lim we would like to have more training or more event regarding ARDF.
Last but not least Thanks to Albert become a photographer on that day, thanks for the picture dude!

So guys what are you waiting for? prepare your weapon the foxes will coming out soon.
It will be on 28 & 29 March 2009. keep in touch with me...:P

ARDF Training Fox Hunt - Penang

Hi guys I'm back again since quite a while been sleep from this blog...hahah.
Back again with my activities in 2009,

Calling to all Penangties hunters!

There will be a No Frills ARDF Training Hunt on this coming Sunday 8th Morning.

Date : Sunday Morning . 8th March 2009.
Time : 9:00 am
Venue : Botanical Gardens, Penang.
Meet up at the car park next to Kraft Batik Sdn Bhd.
Mode : VHF F2A
Freq. : 144.5/144.8 MHz

Note : This is a no frills hunt. Bring your own drinks and hunting equipment.


  • Let the foxes out for fresh air after being in hibernation through the winter period.
  • To test and calibrate new hunting equipments.
  • Re-evaluate the two or three difficult fox dens which had been giving much difficulties in the past hunts.
  • Map reading - Orienteering. ( Compass and map required )
  • Opportunity for new comers to try out ARDF under non-competition conditions.
    (Chance to have hands-on feel in this radiosport)
Logon to for more info.!

So, guys just wait for the report from me soon...cherio. 73