SIMPLEX V60 : 146.550 My Calling Channel (Echolink, CW, SSTV, Digital Master)

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This what we called a "Ham Radio"...

A radio communications service for the purpose of self-training, intercommunication, and technical investigations carried out by amateurs, that is, duly authorized persons interested in radio technique solely with a personal aim and without pecuniary interest.

Ham radio is an international fraternity that transcends the barriers of nationality, race, age, sex, and class. Whenever you take to the air as a ham, you never know who you might find to talk to. It might be an old friend you've known for years; it might be a new friend you haven't met before. Why not join the millions around the world who already have their ham license? They would all like to say hello to you!

My Field Strength Meter

Here are some of my homebrew project since 2007. All those project are bacisly i copyright for Elmers which they published at their own web.

1. Field Strenght Meter

This Field Strength Meter has been specially designed for our FM bugs. It is capable of detecting very low power transmitters and will assist enormously in peaking many of our FM transmitters that have a coil in the output stage that can be adjusted for optimum output.

Here are the result...finaly i made up myself.

How to Call CQ on Amateur Band

Calling CQ on the Ham Bands means you want to talk to any station anywhere that might be listening. If you call CQ, be prepared for anyone to answer. You may get lucky and snag a foreign(DX)station. If you want to work foreign stations(DX) call CQ DX. This lets stateside stations know not to answer your call

Here are the steps...

Look for a clear frequency by transmitting by asking "Is this frequency in use". If on CW, use QRL? Wait 30 seconds or so then transmit the same message again. If the frequency is clear, proceed to step 2.

Start your call- CQ CQ CQ Calling CQ. This is (your call sign)calling. Repeat this three times. It should look like this:

"CQ CQ CQ Calling CQ this is 9W2WOC from Penang Malaysia CQ calling on 10 meters!"

"CQ CQ CQ this is 9M2??? / 9W2???"
"CQ CQ CQ this is 9M2??? / 9W2???"
"CQ CQ CQ this is 9M2??? / 9W2??? from Penang Malaysia CQ calling on 10 meters and standby for a call"

Now wait 30 to 60 seconds. If no one answers, start again.
If a station comes back to you but you are not sure of the his or her call sign, do not use the cw prosign of QRZ? That means "Is there a station calling me?" Rather, use standard English of "Please again with your call sign" If necessary, use the standard military phonetic alphabet of give your call sign. For example, a call sign of W8XXX would be "whiskey 8 x-ray, x-ray, x-ray over" Do not use fancy or unfamiliar phonetics that may not be understood by the calling station.

1st Ramadhan 1429H / 1st September 2008

I would like to wish to all muslim people Selamat berpuasa di bulan yang mulia ini.
Today its a holiday to all Malaysian people. So enjoy your holiday and Puasa de whole day..:P

Salam Ramadhan Al-Mubarak

Apabila tiba awal Ramadhan memerhatilah Allah kepada mereka itu dan barang siapa yang pernah diperhatikan Allah nescaya tidaklah ia akan disiksa azzbnya selama-lamanya.

Dipetik dari Hadis riwayat Balhaqi Jabil r.a Rasululah s.a.w.

Kawan kawan puasa tau, jangan tak puasa :P